Children’s Dentistry

What Dental Problems Could My Child Have?

Some dental problems begin very early in life. One concern is early childhood tooth decay, a serious condition that we want to address to restore dental health and natural progression of dental development. We will also check for oral habits, such as finger sucking. The earlier the dental visit, the better the chance of preventing consequences down the road.

Another possible condition is gum disease. About 40 percent of children two to three years old have at least mild inflammation of gum tissues. Elimination of gum inflammation at a young age with regular cleanings and good home oral care habits set the stage for a lifetime of oral health.

Why Are Baby Teeth So Important?

Primary teeth allow for proper chewing and eating, help in speech development, and add to an attractive appearance. A child who can chew easily, speak clearly, and smile confidently is a happier child. Healthy primary teeth allow normal development of the jaw bones and muscles, save space for the permanent teeth, and help guide them into place. If a baby tooth is lost too soon, permanent teeth may come in out of place or could even be blocked from growing in normally. Decayed baby teeth can cause pain, abscesses, infections, which can spread to the developing permanent teeth. A child’s general health may be affected if diseased baby teeth aren’t treated. Some primary molars are not replaced until age 10-14, so we want to help keep them in tip-top shape for years!

What can I Tell My Child About Their First Dental Visit?

To help prepare your child for their first trip to the dentist, “the doctor for their teeth”, turning to books can be a great option. There are so many stories available to introduce kids to the world of teeth. Your child has likely seen their pediatrician from birth, and the dentist is a new experience for little ones. Below are a few books you and your child may enjoy to help prepare them for their first trip to the dentist:

Children it’s Time to Meet your Teeth, by Amanda Jones.

Pete The Cat and the Lost Tooth, by James Dean.

Flying Fiona and Jacob at the Dentist, by Jessica O’Leary.

Celebrate! Going to the Dentist, by Sophia Day, Megan Johnson.

Open Wide: Tooth School Inside, by Laurie Keller.

What About Preventative Care?

Lots can be done to keep those chompers healthy! From brushing and flossing to healthy eating habits to sealing cavity-prone molars with a protective coating, we will cover the bases. Now is the time to set the foundation for your child’s lifetime of good oral health.

What About Sterilization?

When it comes to the health and well-being of our patients, the team at Splash Dental strives to provide a safe, clean dental care setting. We maintain the highest level of instrument sterilization and wear masks and gloves during procedures. The safety and security of your healthy, radiant smile is our top priority.